HR Assist Package
Color Code exclusive tools for the HR professional or small business owner. All Details Below.

30 Online Full Assessments

Each assessment comes with scoring in all four colors, customized strengths and limitations to the specific person, 30+ pages of individualized information based on primary and secondary color scores, as well as training videos and worksheets for both personal and professional growth utilizing this new information.   

Designed For Small HR Teams

We know not everyone has the time or resources to conduct Color Code workshops but still want to use our powerful assessment in their companies. This is a great fit for a business who doesn't have managers or leadership to train but wants to use this in their hiring and team building efforts.

Additional Assessments ~40% Off

If you need to add more members to your team or just want all your friends and family to take the assessment, simply purchase directly from your admin portal additional assessments for only $24.95 each--which is just shy of 40% off!

Free Email Support

We are here for you via email M-F 9-5 MST and will do everything in our power to ensure you have the tools and support you need to leverage the Color Code Paradigm with your team(s).

Your Company Branding

 Now you can have your company logo on a dedicated assessment page as well as the reports generated for your team members. 

Administrative Portal

This package includes the same administrative dashboard that comes with all the features of the Team Builder 2.0 portal but also includes the ability for company branding and extra support.

Color Code Audio Downloads

Get access to five audio files of Dr. Hartman (creator of the Color Code) presenting the four color personalities to a live audience in both a humorous and insightful way.

HR Training Center

We've created a special member's area where we walk you through some best practices when dealing with the four personality types in a management environment. This isn't meant to be as intense as our bigger workshops or certification but a great solution for people with little time who need some key takeaways fast. 
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