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This new guide contains 40 pages of helpful information and insights into best practices on how to use Color Code concepts specifically as a parent.
 Self- Awareness helps you and your children learn to improve communication, reduce stress, defuse conflicts, improve relationships, create empathy, and offers strategies for overcoming challenges.
Even if you don't know anything about Color Code, don't worry! The first section is dedicated to bringing you up to speed. Plus, we are giving you special access to 50% off discounts on all Youth and Adult Assessments when you order them with this guide.
One thing that makes Color Code such a powerful tool is it's easy to remember and apply. This guide is no different. We've filled it with actionable advice that is easy for busy parents to implement as they see fit.
Did you know? Every one of our new youth assessments comes with an age-appropriate self-awareness activity.

All New Parenting and Personality Guide!

Now you can enjoy 40 pages of helpful information and easy to apply insights into best practices on how to use Color Code specifically as a parent! The application of this information will strengthen your relationships as well as assist you in giving your children additional tools for emotional intelligence growth! $10

K-3 "SuperPower" Assessment & Activity

Help your 5-8 year old discover their "SuperPower" in this all-new 25 question easy paper assessment! it also includes a fun cutout activity called the "Super Power Challenge" they can do afterward to not only feel validated in their uniqueness but also encouraged to value and develop other "superpowers" as well. $10

4TH-7TH "Emoji" Assessment & Activity

This paper assessment & activity was designed for children ages 9-12 with the intention to validate their uniqueness as well as the uniqueness of others. It also comes with easy explanations of test results for your child plus a fun activity to help them develop more self-awareness and emotional intelligence. $10

8TH-12TH "Getting It!" Assessment & Activity

This online assessment, report, and activity was designed specifically for secondary students and, not only helps them develop self-awareness, but also provides suggestions for study habits, career considerations, and building healthy relationships based on their answers. $20

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"I am a RED and it has been a great blessing to understand my BLUE wife and WHITE and YELLOW children as I have been able to relate to them in ways only made possible by my knowledge of their needs, wants, and most importantly, their MOTIVES."

Paul R. Warner, Ed.D.

"When my wife and I discovered how the differences in our personality could be explained through The Color Code, it greatly enhanced our understanding of each other's needs and wants...Our first four children are all different colors. Knowing this has helped us as parents communicate more effectively with them all."

Scott S.

"The Color Code changed my life, quite literally. I have gained invaluable insight into my family, my co-workers, and myself that had I not been exposed to The Color Code, I would still be confused."

Toni Benard - WA

"Now I am able to understand why my family and I never understood each other since they are all YELLOWS and I am BLUE. Thank you! 

Jelena R.
Life can be puzzling. People can be puzzling. But above all, your relationships can be most puzzling. Let's face it: All life is about relationships: personally, professionally, and socially.

Do you wonder why some people are so easy to love, work for, and befriend, while constant effort is required to build and maintain a healthy relationship with others? What part do you play in making the relationships in your life work?

Every relationship begins with YOU. Who are you? Do you really understand why you think and behave as you do? Imagine the power of truly knowing yourself, what motivates you, and how you impact the relationships in your life.

The Color Code is the most revolutionary and ACCURATE measurement of your personality available on the market today. Once you have learned the Color Code you will never see yourself or others the same again! The Color Code is your best bet for understanding how to make sense out of life's relationship puzzles.

The Color Code is different than ANY of the other personality profiles on the market today. It is the ONLY assessment that identifies driving Core Motives. Most other popular tests and assessments strictly identify your behavior and leave it at that. In other words, the Color Code helps you to understand why you do what you do versus simply what you do. You can't possibly begin to understand yourself if you don't know what motivates you!

Let the Color Code be a part of your life. Improve your relationship vision to a perfect 20-20. Don't you think life is already hard enough without being able to see the big picture clearly? We can explain where the puzzle pieces go-and more importantly, why they go there.

Once you have embraced the Color Code, you will understand why so many people claim that they can never see themselves or others the same again after having learned this system. This is your code to successful relationships. We guarantee it 100%. There isn't a better place to start than right now, with YOU!

Regarding answer selection when taking the profile: Obviously not every question on the profile is going to be totally applicable to every person, but that is taken into consideration in the scoring of the profile. Hopefully, for most of the questions, there is one answer with which you identify the strongest--that is the answer you should choose. Normally your gut instinct is correct. If there are two choices you find yourself conflicted over, that's normal. It could be that you have a secondary color (which you would learn more about in the Comprehensive Analysis), or it could be that you have developed or learned one of the traits, while the other comes naturally to you. We are looking for the one that comes naturally to you. In trying to identify your Driving Core Motive, we want to know your natural/innate strengths and limitations, not your learned/developed ones. We would advise you to choose the answer that feels most NATURAL to you, even if you also identify with some of the other choices.

On some questions, you may find that none of the choices really speak to you. Again, not every question is going to have a perfect answer for every person--we factor that in when we score the profile results. Pick the choice that feels the MOST like you, even if you hardly identify with it. As long as this is happening on just a handful of questions, it shouldn't affect your results.

Regarding answering the questions from your childhood perspective: The Color Code Personality Model is motive-based. Most other popular personality assessments are behavior-based. The difference between the two is that the Color Code goes deeper--it explains why you do what you do (motive) rather than just identifying what it is that you do (behavior).

The Color Code theory is that each of us has a Driving Core Motive--the reason why we do everything we do in life. Our Driving Core Motives are innate--they came with us at birth. That is why we advise you to take the profile from your earliest childhood memories of yourself; the theory being that that is when you were truest to your Driving Core Motive, before outside influences began affecting your behaviors.

For most people, their "childhood self" is the easiest way to identify how they naturally are. The profile is designed to be taken from the earliest recollections you have of yourself. The idea is for you to complete the profile considering yourself before you were influenced by outside factors. We want to identify what your personality was before you felt pressure to be a certain way, learned to value some characteristics more than others, etc. For most people, the easiest way to do that is to think of themselves as a child--before they were really aware of their personalities. If you had a difficult time answering from your childhood perspective, we would recommend that you answer thinking of yourself at a time when you've been most comfortable with yourself--when you felt you were being truest to yourself, instead of acting how outside influences wanted you to act. When answering the questions, think about your very most natural, innate, gut instinct--what would you do if nothing from the outside were influencing your decision.

Color Code only seeks to identify what motivates an individual. After years of research, we have never come across someone who was motivated at the core level by something other than power, intimacy, peace, or fun. Think of it this way: the human face, which has only a small number of variables (eyes, nose, chin, ears, hair, etc.), has rarely produced the same look. The same is true of personality. While core personalities are limited to only four core motives (or colors), no two people are the same. This concept will become evident as you continue to understand Color Code. Two individuals with Red DCMs will share many of the same characteristics and values, but are they the same? Obviously not. The same is true of two individuals with Blue DCMs, White DCMs, or Yellow DCMs. Their driving core motive lays the foundation for their personality, but there are undoubtedly other factors that make them unique. No one else has their exact personality--it is theirs alone. We call these outside factors that influence personality “filters.” Just about anything that affects the way you think, or act, is a filter on your personality. Some of the more common filters that we come across include birth order, gender, family environment, and cultural forces. Those and other filters may have a strong influence on someone’s personality. They may even affect how they view their driving core motive, but filters will never change it. We discuss more of this concept within the Parenting Guide and Adult Full Assessment if you'd like to know more!